Plot TMS-evoked potentials
In addition to the numerous plotting options available through EEGLAB, TESA includes a function for plotting TMS-evoked potentials (TEPs) averaged across trials (analogous to event-related potentials or ERPs). The tesa_plot function can plot all electrodes (also known as butterfly plots), single electrodes, region of interest (ROI) analyses and global mean field amplitude (GMFA) analyses. For single and ROI, a shaded bar representing the 95% confidence intervals calculated across trials can also be included. If peak analysis has been performed on ROI or GMFA, these can also be plotted. Users can also set the x and y axis limits.
A second function for plotting grand-average TEPs (TEPs averaged across participants) called tesa_plotgroup is also included. To use this function, all participant files must be in the same folder without any other files. Furthermore, the electrodes and ROI/GMFA analyses must be identical across participants. 95% confidence intervals calculated across participants can also be included in single electrode and ROI plots.
Example of different TEP plotting option. Top left: Butterfly plot (all electrodes). Top right: P1 electrode with confidence intervals. Bottom left: region of interest (P1, P3, CP1 and CP3) with peak analysis. Bottom right: Global mean field amplitude with peak analysis.
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