Installation, getting started, and reporting bugs

To run TESA you will need:

To install TESA, download the software from github releases page, unzip the TESA folder, and paste this in to the plugins folder located within the EEGLAB folder. For further information on installing extensions for EEGLAB, visit the extensions and plug-ins page on the EEGLAB website:

Certain TESA functions require additional tool boxes or code. Once downloaded, ensure the folders containing this code are added to the Matlab path. See a quick intro to Matlab for help using set path.

To run the find TMS pulse (alternative), users will need to download a toolbox developed by Daniel Wagenaar (WagenaarMBL) which is available for download at:

To run FastICA, users will need to download the FastICA code from the following website and add this to the Matlab path:

Using either the exponential or double exponential fitting options in the TESA detrend function requires the Matlab Curve Fitting Toolbox, which can be purchased from MathWorks or acquired through academic licenses (if you have access through your University).
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